Air-Conditioned VIP Restroom Trailers

jag-mobile-solutions-24--versa-204The Deluxe

The Deluxe is a great addition to our fleet. It is perfect for high volume events or long term commercial rentals. The trailer features four stalls with two sinks on the ladies side.

jag-mobile-solutions-24--versa-204The Platinum

The Platinum restroom trailer is our most recent addition to our trailer fleet. This trailer has a fantastic, contemporary look that brings a sophisticated feel to any event.

The Cottage

These units are perfect for weddings, fundraisers and upscale parties where durability counts and style is a must.

The Elite

Our Elite is the top of the line restroom trailer. The interior will rival a fine resturant or upscale hotel restroom. When only the best will do. Order the Elite.

The Pinnacle
This Pinnacle is ideal for private or corporate events, tournaments, concerts, weddings, parties, or any other high profile event. It is also great for replacing restrooms lost during remodeling.

The Prestige

The Prestige is perfect for small special events that don’t need a large quantity of restrooms, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality and comfort.



The Porta-Lisa

The Porta-Lisa is the most recent addition to our trailer fleet. It is a simple, clean-looking two stall trailer, that is perfect for smaller occasions.

Shower Trailers

APT’s mobile shower trailers provide the privacy and comfort you deserve. These clean, rugged use facilities feature individual shower rooms, private dressing rooms with seat, double sinks with hot and cold running water, heat and air conditioning.

Executive ADA + 4

The Executive ADA +4 Restroom Trailer meets Federal ADA requirements, and features a hydraulic lift system that allows the entire trailer to lower to the ground with a push of a button!