Arkansas Portable Toilets on KTHV

Arkansas Portable Toilets carries a unit that makes the ordinary porta-potty jealous. Robyn talks with Scott Thone about the Pinnacle restroom facility trailer — perfect for your VIPs.

Scott says his company’s been in the business for about eight years — and the market has skewed towards more upscale events. So Arkansas Portable Toilets has moved into the high-end of the market. In addition to traditional stand-alone plain old plastic-walled portable toilets, the company offers several levels of comfort in portable facility trailers, including the Pinnacle and the top of the line Elite model.

The Elite portable facility trailers have hot and cold running water, hardwood floors, marble walls and countertops, and individual enclosed rooms for each toilet. The toilets are electric flush — for the utmost in comfort and convenience. The units have heating and air, mirrors, and a stereo and CD player. They even have a skylight!

The Elite is a great idea for outdoor weddings and special events, where plentiful facilities may not be available.

Scott says the company does several events each year — including Riverfest, the Race for the Cure, Toad Suck Daze, the Wing Ding Festival and the Little Rock Marathon. Whether a refuge for participants who can be comfortable in the warm units during the winter, or an oasis for hot runners in the summer in its air conditioned coolness, you’ll find what you need in these facilities.

Scott says the company is even using a crane to lift one of his Elite units to the top of a building for a party on a rooftop!