Arkansas Portable Toilets Comes to the Aide of Clinton, Arkansas


City water shortage prompts mayor to order portable toilets

More than 1,000 customers still don’t have running water in Van Buren County. Two pumps broke in Clinton leaving most of the town and even people in the county without water.

Residents have been waiting for the National Guard to get to the hospital with water trucks. No worries though, the city rerouted one pipe still working to cover the hospital and nursing home.

However, if you’re sitting at home without water you can’t shower, which is bad in this heat.  You also can’t flush your toilet. That’s where the guys at Arkansas Portable Toilets come in to help.

Scott Thone of AR Portable Toliets wasn’t expecting to drive up to Van Buren County with 38 of his port-a-potties.

“We like those kind of emergency deals and we just jumped in the truck and came on,” Thone said.

The mayor and some business owners asked him to strategically place them around Clinton to help people who have to go.

“They’re not construction toilets. They’re clean. No graffitti,” says Mayor Roger Rorie. “They’re operating well. It’s got everything you need.”

But some places shut down without water, port-a-potties or not.

You’d think a lot of people would be here at Sonic, especially since it’s so hot outside.  Because there is no water, when you push the button to order something, you won’t be getting a response.

The city will pay for the port-a-potties it’s renting until the replacement pump part is flown in from Indiana.  It  should be there by Tuesday. And that is when water should start flowing again.

“We should have had more backup, but we’ve never faced this problem before at least in the last 10 years that I know of and we will have more spare parts,” said Mayor Rorie.

And hopefully that means Thone won’t have to bring in temporary toilets again, although he’s not complaining.

“Kind of too hot for outdoor events, and we do a lot of those. So, this is a pretty good bonus for us.”

If the water comes back on Tuesday night like it’s supposed to, they’ll be fine. After three or four days, though, the guys will come back out and clean them or change them out.