Additional Site Services

Holding Tank

A 250 gallon holding tank is essential to any construction site that has a job trailer. These trailers support the administrative and management team members who keep projects on time, and on budget. These holding tanks allow for flushable toilets and serve as a temporary solution for waste storage.

  • Thick wall construction

  • Multiple plumbing configurations

  • No threaded or cemented joints

  • durable

  • Safe and discreet

  • Easily emptied

Height: 18:

Length: 72″

Width: 47.5″

Water Tank

a 60 gallon water tank provides the water necessary for flushing toilets and running sinks for your job site trailer. These come complete all electrical components, including a pump to keep your water flowing.

  • Non-potable water only

  • 60 gallons

  • on demand water supply

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • semi transparent to view water levels

  • refill included in service

holding tank

Hand Wash Unit

Keep your job site safe and secure and prevent downtime on the job by providing our hand wash station. The CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water for seconds to reduce colds by 21%, and other viruses by 31%. Our hand wash stations make this possible, even where plumbing is not available.

  • Dual station units

  • 24 gallon water capacity

  • two spray soap dispensers

  • can accommodate forearm washing

  • foot pump operation

  • 2 lockable paper towel dispensers

Water Supply: 24 gallon

Height: 51.75″

Width: 28.95″


In cold weather situations, when a hand wash may freeze, a handi-stand keeps workers safe and healthy. Where handwashing isn’t available, the CDC recommends an alcohol based sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Our sanitizers come stocked with the recommended product to prevent illness on the job site.

  • Multiple dispensers

  • Stocked with alcohol based sanitizer

  • Weighted base to prevent tipping

  • Service includes sanitizer refill

  • Can accommodate large crews

  • Won’t freeze in gold weather

Height: 60″

Depth: 20″

Width: 20″

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