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Arkansas Portables provides the best in porta john rentals and service to ensure your construction project stays in track and on budget. For safety and productivity on the job site, it is imperative that everyone have access to clean facilities. We can determine how many services you need to keep your crew happy and healthy by understanding how many people are onsite, and the hours of operation. Call today to speak to a friendly customer service representative to learn more about our porta john rentals.

We Can Service Any Site

No two job sites are exactly the same. This is why Arkansas Portables provides depth of inventory as well as customizable services for your site specifically. Doing a small home remodel? A single unit with once a week cleaning will be sufficient to support your project. Building a multi story high rise with hundreds of crew members? We can provide high rise porta john rentals with crane attachments and service the sight every day if needed to ensure your units are cleaned and ready to go each morning.

Porta John Rentals

Standard porta john rentals are the most commonly rented item in our inventory. These units are sturdy and built to last making them perfect for construction sites. Plastic skids enable us to move them around a job site so we are always able to access and service the unit. Graded floors help us wash and clean the unit by allowing mud and concrete to rinse away. The doors feature a lock on the inside and an occupied indicator providing privacy. We refill the tanks with fresh water and chemical with every service making sure they stay fresh and clean. Finally, each porta john rentals unit is stocked with new rolls of toilet paper ensuring you never run out.

Perfect For Any Location

New Residential Development and Home Renovations

Arkansas Portable partners with several residential home builders to provide multiple porta john rentals within a new neighborhood. Our routing and GPS software helps us find locations that may not exist on a map yet helping us guarantee service every time. We understand that residential areas require extreme care of landscaping and property as well as safe driving and slow speeds. We promise to be mindful of your plants and trees as well as freshly poured driveways and mailboxes. Safety is a primary concern for Arkansas Portables and our trucks are equipped with safety equipment and video monitoring that ensures our drivers follow the speed limit, and stay off their cell phones so they can be mindful of people enjoying the outdoors.

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction can vary greatly in size and needs. A several story building may require high rise porta john rentals, rollaway porta john rentals, holding tanks and water tanks to keep the job progressing. We can work with project managers to ensure OSHA requirements are met when it comes to number of units onsite and how often they are serviced. We also understand that a scheduled service time may be necessary to avoid other vendors such as concrete trucks and material delivery trucks. We work with crane operators, onsite safety supervisors and general contractors to make sure their needs are met. Other commercial construction may only be one story, or a remodel of an existing business. We can provide single units or a restroom trailer to keep business operational during the construction.

Emergency and Temporary Sites

Arkansas Portable Toilets has the infrastructure, staff and inventory to respond to any emergency needs. Catastrophic weather such as ice may cause damage to plumbing and leave businesses and homes without running water or restroom facilities. Our porta john rentals and trailers can be deployed to any sight to provide this essential service. In addition, we can respond to any other emergency relief needs such as tornado sites where people may need porta john rentals, hand wash and showers during the clean up effort. Temporary sites such as tented medical facilities have also used Arkansas portables to provide portable toilets and hand wash stations. Arkansas Portables is proud to have been on the front lines and many local emergency relief efforts.

We Get The Job Done

With 24 hour emergency response, depth of inventory, a fleet of vehicles and a well trained support staff, Arkansas Portables is ready and willing to take on any challenge you may have. No job is too small or too large and we can truly take our services anywhere so call today to see how we can be your porta john rentals solution provider.

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High Rise Porta John Rentals

High rise porta john rentals are a great solution for multi-story construction. These portable toilets come equipped with an attachment that allows them to be raised and lowered via a crane. This allows them to be located several stories up ensuring crews have access to facilities regardless of what floor they are on.

  • Can lift 1014 lb

  • Constructed of Steel

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

  • Can be used with full waste tank

  • Provide toilets on any floor

Height: 96″

Length: 48″

Width: 48″

Roll Away Porta John Rentals

Rollaway porta john rentals are another great option for high rise construction. These units come with stainless steel casters that can maneuver the unit into many small spaces. This portable toilet is shorter than a standard unit making it possible to be wheeled down hallways, through corridors and into elevator shafts. Units can come with or without a roof depending on your privacy needs.

  • Internal urinal

  • can be fully or semi private

  • Fits on freight elevators

  • On casters for portability

  • galvanized metal components

  • can fit through standard doorways

Heights: 78.2″

Depth: 53″

Width: 31.2″

Rolling Porta John Rentals

Some jobs require porta john rentals on the move which is why we provide a portable toilet on a trailer. This is a full size standard unit that can be installed on a small trailer and towed behind a vehicle. This is perfect for roadway construction so the unit will follow your crew as they make progress with their project. You will simply need to inform our customer service reps of the weekly final location so that we may provide great service and keep the unit clean.

  • Standard portable toilet

  • Installed safely on small trailer

  • can be towed behind vehicle

  • travels with construction crews

  • Can still be serviced weekly

  • Safe mobile solution

Female Porta John Rentals

Job Sites are becoming increasingly diverse and OSHA recommends that female crew members have designated and separate facilities onsite. This ensures females onsite feel safe, secure and comfortable. Female porta john rentals come equipped with hasps and locks to ensure privacy. These keys can be kept in the trailer to ensure only females have access to the units. Our drivers will also have a universal key so that we never miss a service and keep the units clean and fresh.

  • Female plaque on outside of unit

  • Lock and hasp included

  • Universal key for female crew members

  • Customizable service schedule

  • Privacy and security for female crew members

  • Compliant with OASHA best practices

Height: 89.25″

Depth: 47″

Width: 43″

Flexible and Customizable Services

The needs on any specific jobsite may vary which is why we provide customizable services. Large scale construction projects may have requirements regarding the time of day they may be serviced, and how many services per week they require. Our fully trained staff of service techs pride themselves on reliability and will be there to service your porta john rentals on time, every time.

  • Drivers will follow all safety guidelines

  • Each driver comes prepared with required PPE

  • 1x a week comes standard with rental

  • Units can be services up to 7x weekly

  • After hours services available

  • GPS tracking on trucks

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