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Our Portable Toilet Rental Services

At Arkansas Portable Toilets, we believe we provide more than portable toilets. We provide an essential service to the people who help build our businesses and homes. We provide a critical element to emergency response and relief efforts. We provide dignity to those that work the hardest, including out own team members. We provide our communities with an opportunity to connect, celebrate and support one another. We also provide the best in portable toilet rental solutions, as well as reliable service and high quality inventory.

We Can Service Any Site

The most important element of our business is that we are portable. Our portable toilet rental units can go wherever needed- from remote fields with no running water, to urban areas with a small footprint, we have a portable toilet rental solution for every situation. Our depth of inventory includes single units that can be delivered on the back of a truck and moved by hand into a remote location. We can also provide hundreds of units that can be loaded in via flatbed trucks over the course of multiple days. We have provided units for festivals in the mountains, on farms, in parks and in our downtown area.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Our luxury restroom trailers are the top of the line and provide the finest in portable restroom solutions. When you step into one of our trailers, you will be impressed by the modern, clean design complete with engineered hardwood floors, running water, countertops, sinks and mirrors. These trailers come in all sizes from 2 stall to 10 stall, and they all have the comforts of home including climate control, hot water and even an entertainment system!

Perfect For Any Location

Outdoor Festivals and Concerts

Outdoor festivals and concerts often present the need for a diverse array of portable toilet options. The sizeable crowds require large banks of units throughout the site to make sure attendees always have facilities close by. They also require handicap units to be ADA compliant, and to make all guests feel welcome. The addition of handi-stands and stand alone hand wash stations at each bank provide a complete sanitation solution for event goers. Our team of professionals ensures every unit arrives clean and in service and that the hand wash and handi-stands are fully stocked and functional. For VIP attendees, artists and the production crew, a luxurious trailer is a great alternative to a standard portable toilet. Trailers provide an indoor feel with the convenience of a portable trailer.

Elegant Weddings & Special Events

A wedding is one of the most important special events a person will plan in their life- and one of the most stressful! Let Arkansas Portables give you one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. We deliver on time so you’ll never have to worry about your portable toilet showing up. We work with venues all over Arkansas that have special requirements for delivery and pick up such as operating hours and load in constraints. Not only do we promise to be there on time, we promise to deliver the best in portable toilets. Our special event units and restroom trailers are the top of the line and will change the way you think about portable toilet rental! Our customer service reps can explain all of the options and price points to help you find the perfect solution for your special event.

Professional On-Site Productions

TV and film production companies are no longer just working on the east and west coasts. These companies are looking for authentic and scenic locations for their productions and that means traveling to places like Arkansas! Our beautiful river and the Ozark mountains provides a rich backdrop for film and television. While these locations are beautiful, they are also remote and can provide logistical challenges. We can provide portable toilets or any size trailer, from 2 stall to 10 stall to locations without plumbing so film and tv crews have access to restrooms. We also provide shower trailers, which can include dressing rooms for the talent to utilize. By providing onsite facilities, crew members do not have to leave location, keeping them onsite, and cameras rolling.

We Get The Job Done

Special Events can each provide unique challenges and requirements. Locations off the beaten path are great for large crowds, but don’t often provide all the necessary infrastructure, including plumbing. These events can span days and often welcome thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of attendees. This may require multiple services a day, onsite supervision and a dedicated pump truck. Arkansas portables is prepared to provide it all! On a smaller scale, backyard weddings and family gatherings often require supplemental restrooms to accommodate crowds. Arkansas Portables believes these events are just as important as the large festivals, and we promise to provide the same level of care to your event, no matter the size, length or location.

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Special Event Porta Potty Rental

When choosing your portable toilet provider, we know there are only a few things you take into consideration. Reliability. Quality. And Pricing. Arkansas Portables provides the best in inventory and service with fresh toilets delivered every time by highly trained professionals. Our pricing is fair and straightforward and the value is apparent in the service and product we provide.

Quality You Can Count On

Reliable Inventory

Arkansas Portables promises to delivery the best in inventory and service. Any portable toilet requested for a special event has been through a rigorous inspection process prior to being delivered. This inventory is specifically reserved for special events and has never been deployed to a construction site. Therefore, our special event portable toilets are like new every time they are sent out. We inspect them to make sure all doors, hinges and locking mechanisms are in working order. We keep any necessary replacement parts on hand to make sure every component of your toilet is functional. We then clean each unit with soap, water and degreaser and make sure they look and smell fresh. Each units is stocked with brand new toilet paper, fresh water and an odor killing solution so that upon delivery, it is in service and ready to go!

Easy Pricing & Delivery

We understand when planning a wedding, festival, or fundraiser, your budget is always top of mind. Our customer service representatives will always provide straight forward pricing including any fees that may be associated with service or delivery. There will be no surprises when you receive your final invoice. We then provide multiple ways to pay, including online credit card payment. In addition to knowing you got a great price, you want great service! The only thing easier than securing your portable toilet, will be the delivery process. Your unit is guaranteed to be on time and in place for your event. Our trained professional drivers will place the unit in the requested spot, or advise on the best placement for accessibility. From order to invoice, you will be happy you chose Arkansas Portables!

Hassle-Free Service

At Arkansas Portables, we always say, “If you never notice your portable toilet, we’ve done our job.” For festivals and large special events, our service drivers often come after hours when no one is onsite to provide thorough service for your portable toilets. Its not uncommon for our drivers to service special event units between 2 and 6 AM. These after hours services are a great way to beat the traffic, and to make sure that your toilets are perfect prior to your gates opening on event day. This means the units will have been pumped, washed, and restocked without any attendees having seen a pump truck or a service provider. All they’ll see are the clean and fresh portable toilets! With reliable and discreet service, your guests can worry about having a great time, and not worry about the condition of the facilities.

Shower Trailers

Our shower trailer are truly specialized inventory that requires professional knowledge and execution. From the electricity, to the plumbing, to the services required to keep your shower trailer functional, be sure to rely on an industry professional with over 20 years of experience. Arkansas Portables has the inventory, training and experience to execute your shower trailer needs. Our shower trailers are often deployed to the front lines of emergency relief, and both the workers and victims deserve the dignity of a hot shower. At festivals, our showers are a welcome service if attendees are camping onsite for several days.

Quality You Can Count On

Attractive Interior Design

Shower trailers might be mobile, but they certainly feel like home! Our inventory of trailers come complete with hot and cold running water, private shower stalls with curtains and vanity countertops with mirrors. Depending on the size of the trailer, it might even have dressing rooms! The vanities include sinks with running water, soap and paper towels. The interior of the trailers include laminate floors to simulate hardwood, while remaining easy to care for and clean. Interior LED lights provide warm lighting to provide a cozy atmosphere and keep trailers functional during the night. Exterior lights over the entrance also provide visibility and accessibility keeping the trailers safe at any hour.

Proffesional Expertise

When renting a shower trailer, there are several things you need to be aware of. Be sure you are asking all of the right questions! Before renting a shower trailer, you’ll need to know the following: How many people will utilize the trailer? What will their allotted shower time be? How many hours will the trailer be operational each day? Where will it be located? Is there access to water and electrical? Is the ground level? Don’t leave these questions to anyone but a seasoned professional! With 20 years of experience, Arkansas Portables can plan, execute and troubleshoot any issues you might have with your shower trailer. Our on call emergency response can address any issues as they occur resulting in minimal downtime.

Reliable Service

Our shower trailers are ideally equipped to be self sustaining. If you have the option to tie into onsite plumbing, and can allow the grey water run off of the trailer, you will need little to no service on your restroom trailer. You may only need to replenish soap and paper towels. However, in many situations this is not an option. For example, the grey water may cause a flooding or mud issue if not properly channeled away from the trailer. The onboard water tanks can provide a limited number of hours of running water depending on the size of the trailer, and the number of people utilizing it . Our drivers can come as many times as needed to remove grey water and replace the fresh water to ensure you never run out.

Our Personal Porta Potty Guarantee

Your special events are important to us, and that is demonstrated in our customer service from the time your order your portable toilet, to the time we pick it up. We guarantee ease of ordering, invoicing and paying, and you’ll never question the value we provide. We can advise on any special event, regardless of how big or small. In addition to portable toilets, our luxury restroom and shower trailers are the top of the line in portable facilities. Call us today and we’ll be happy to talk through all of the options and price points so you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice. Our customer service representatives, drivers and managers live and work in Arkansas, so its likely we’ll see you at many of the special events we service!

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