63% of Americans say they have so much stuff in their homes they don’t know what to do with it. 

You may have said before, maybe not so jokingly, if I ever clean out my house, I’ll need a dumpster. 

You might be surprised that a dumpster rental for a massive home clean-out is actually a smart idea. 

Is hiring a dumpster rental for a project at home really something people do? Not only do they but there’s a host of good reasons why a dumpster rental is a wise choice for you.

1. Home Renovations

If you’ve ever hired a contractor to come in and do some home remodeling or renovations or tackled them yourself, you already know how much garbage and waste you can get. 

Imagine you’re tearing out old carpet throughout your home to replace it with new flooring. Those big rolls of old dirty carpet and the carpet pad won’t fit in your garbage receptacles. 

A dumpster rental service can bring a dumpster to your driveway so as you gather remodeling waste, it can go right into the dumpster rental. 

You don’t have to worry about overflowing garbage cans or waiting until the next week to continue your remodeling. Once the remodel is complete, the dumpster is picked back up.

2. Moving

How many times have you moved in your lifetime? The average American will have 11.7 lifetime moves

If you’re like most people when navigating a move, the thought crosses your mind about how much junk you have. 

Why move your junk that you have no interest in having to begin with? A smarter approach might be to secure dumpster rental services.

Then as you’re packing for the move, you can get rid of all those things you don’t want or don’t need anymore.  Once you get to your new home, your load will be lighter, and you’ll be so happy you’ve gotten rid of unnecessary stuff. 

3. Seasonal Yard Clean Up

Another good reason for hiring a dumpster rental is seasonal yard clean-up.

If you have a yard with a huge amount of leaves in the fall, it’s so much easier to put them in a dumpster than to try to bag all of them. A few large trees in your yard can fill way too many bags to haul to the curb. 

Likewise, if you have a large yard, you might have an abundance of waste when you do your yearly spring clean-up. Dead branches, leaves from the winter, and bush and shrub clippings all add up and take up too much garbage can space. 

Instead, rent a dumpster and use it for your yard’s seasonal clean-up.

4. Storm Clean Up

If your home has ever experienced a whopper of a storm, tornado, or hurricane, the damage can be immense. 

Storm damage can occur both inside your home and outside. 

If you have a basement filled with water as a result of a storm, you’ll have way too much waste for a garbage can.

Likewise, if you have a heavy wind storm come through, tree branches and bushes could be all over your yard. When you have this kind of damage, it’s often too extensive for a waste bin, and you need a yard dumpster to handle all the debris. 

5. Spring Cleaning 

There’s the kind of spring cleaning that involves washing walls, laundering window treatments, and scrubbing windows clean.

Then there’s the kind of spring cleaning where you start going through closets and the basement. You find things you haven’t used in years. You have boxes unopened from your last move. 

Maybe you saved things that belong to your now adult children. 

If you’re ready to tackle this level of spring cleaning, then you need to consider hiring a dumpster rental. 

Then your spring cleaning can take you from room to room, getting rid of old stuff, and it can go straight out to the dumpster and be out of your home for good. 

6. Roof Replacement

Another common reason to hire a dumpster rental company is when your roof gets replaced. 

Most people nowadays don’t put a new layer of shingles over the old ones. Instead, the old shingles are removed from the roof before the new ones are installed. 

Old shingles and roofing material is messy and full of nails and tar. As it comes off your roof, you don’t want it falling all over the exterior of your home. 

Instead, as the roofers remove it, the waste can go straight into the waiting dumpster. 

7. Garage Clean Out

Does your garage have so much stuff inside it that your car can’t actually fit in it? If you’re groaning and agreeing, not only is it time for a garage clean-out session, but you need a dumpster to do it. 

If your garage is busting at the seams and messy too, then instead of just tidying it up, clean it too. 

Get rid of all the unused sports equipment, boxes of stuff, and half-completed DIY projects that you know you’ll never get back to. 

8. Landscape Project

Maybe you have a big landscape project brewing for your yard. Not only does your yard get a big makeover with new landscaping, it likely produces an abundance of trash at the same time. 

You might have a landscape project in the works that involves not just dirt and plants but hardscape materials as well. Whether that’s concrete, rocks, or stone slabs, this kind of waste is too heavy for a garbage can as it’s created. 

A rental dumpster can be ready to handle any waste produced from your landscape project. 

Get a Dumpster Rental

You’re probably surprised at the many reasons it might be smart to get a dumpster rental for your home. Whether you’re tackling a clean-up or a project, that’s challenging enough without struggling with where to put all the waste. 

If you need a dumpster rental for something happening at your home, we can help. Contact us today to get a quote for your dumpster needs.