Are you hosting a big outdoor event soon? Then you’ll need to make sure you have a place for your guests to use the bathroom. After all, you don’t want your people to leave because they can’t find one.

Porta potty rentals are essential when you want your event to go off without a hitch. And the benefits don’t end there, either. Read on to learn the six reasons for hiring a porta potty rental service!

1. Guests Will Know You Care

When hiring a porta potty rental service, you’ll be telling your guests you care. You don’t want your guests to skip your event because they’re concerned about the bathroom situation.

Especially for older guests or those with small children, bathroom access is critical. And if you’re hosting an event in the middle of a hot summer, having a climate-controlled restroom trailer can offer a break from the heat. Even if you go with simpler porta potty options, guests still will appreciate your recognition of a basic need.

Portable toilets placed at convenient access points will be a clear indication that you prioritize your guests. You’ll just need to be sure they’re situated near the main activities so no one has to walk too far.

Make sure you place your porta potties on level ground. With good signage, you’ll be able to direct your guests to the bathrooms so there’s no confusion. You might even want to advertise that your event will have bathrooms upfront.

2. Keep Your Event Sanitary

Porta potties enable you to run an event that’s clean and sanitary. The last thing you want to do is host an event where everyone gets sick afterward.

But when a lot of people are in a shared space, it’s easy for germs to travel. With bacteria like E. coli, you don’t want to take any risks. Your efforts to make sanitization easy for guests can make a big difference. 

You can start your efforts to curb the spread of germs in your bathrooms. Even if you reserve basic units, you can have them outfitted with hand sanitizer bottles. And even if you forgo units with sinks, a bottle of hand sanitizer will encourage guests to clean up as they exit.

Portable handwashing stations also enable porta potty users to wash up. Further, guests who happen to walk by and need to wash their hands can use these stations. Guests will appreciate your consideration and the fact that you value their health. 

3. Host a More Professional Event

Along the same lines, having porta john rentals onsite elevates the professionalism of your event. You won’t force guests to guess where they can find facilities. Instead, you’ll have them on the event’s premises, which shows that you’re prepared. 

Running a professional event means that you’ve covered every last detail. And if you opt for restroom trailer rental or other more refined restroom options, you’ll show that you’re on top of event management.

You can even personalize the decor within trailers to suit the event. This might include adding flowers, pictures, or potpourri to enhance guests’ experiences. These small decorative touches can go a long way – and they can help ensure a rewarding event.

4. Get Access to Options

Working with a professional portable toilet rental company means you’ll have a variety of portable bathrooms to choose from. You can choose from basic options, which are stalls that may include hand sanitizer, ventilation, and mirrors. Or you can upgrade to fancier styles if that suits the tone of your event. 

For instance, you can choose a luxury restroom rental trailer for a nicer event, like a wedding. Renting one of these for the bridal party provides a spacious place to get ready or decompress. Alternatively, guests with small children can find a convenient place for diaper changes and freshening up.

Other porta potty options can include larger versions of basic units that are ADA-compliant. And you also can find units with running water or double-stall units, which contain two private stalls. You may even want to look into separate handwashing stations to give guests a designated spot outside the porta potty to clean up. 

5. Gain More Time for Other Tasks

Planning an event consumes a lot of time. And if you’re at the helm of event planning, you don’t want to spend too much time worrying about the bathroom situation. When you outsource that responsibility to a professional company, you won’t have to. 

A professional portable toilet rental service will take care of the heavy lifting for you. They can transport the porta potties to a designated site. They can also remove them once your event is over. 

On top of the delivery basics, they can sanitize your toilets if the event covers multiple days. This action keeps the toilets clean and minimizes germs. And it keeps you from needing to set aside time to do any of the dirty work. 

As a result, you’ll have more time to focus on managing your event – and enjoying it. Just be sure you iron out the details with your rental service well in advance of the event. 

6. Make an Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Lastly, you’ll be making an eco-friendly choice when you rent a porta potty. You might not think that porta potties represent an environmentally-conscious addition to an event. However, they can help conserve water and ensure that human waste is disposed of properly. 

Guests won’t be flushing porta toilets as often as they would normal toilets, translating to less water usage. Additionally, a reputable rental company will know how to dispose of waste so it doesn’t harm the environment. You can feel good that a porta potty rental is a responsible choice!

Pursue Porta Potty Rentals

Porta potty rentals can make your next event run smoothly. You’ll help guests feel comfortable and enhance the professionalism of your event. You’ll also be making an eco-friendly choice that frees you up to focus your efforts on other aspects of your event. 

When you need to secure a porta potty rental, contact Arkansas Portable Toilets for help!