Have you ever been to events where there weren’t enough bathrooms – or the ones there were in rough shape? If you’re hosting an outdoor event, you don’t want your guests to encounter that problem. That’s why having your bathroom situation under control is essential.

You’ll need to find a reputable portable toilet rental service first. Read on to learn the best tips for choosing the right one!

Look at the Service’s Inventory

Are you hosting a large music festival or a small-scale wedding? The scale of your event will inform how many porta john rentals you should have. As a result, you’ll need to choose a portable toilet rental service with the inventory to meet your needs. 

Generally speaking, you’ll want to have at least one porta potty per 50 guests. For more upscale events, like anniversary parties, you should add another unit or two. And you may even want a higher-end restroom trailer rental for featured guests. 

So, for instance, you could plan on having three porta johns and a nicer trailer for an outdoor wedding of 75 guests. You’ll need to convey this information to a potential porta john service to see if their inventory can accommodate your request.

It’s also wise to visit their site in person and look at the inventory. You’ll be able to size up the condition of the units and understand how utilitarian or posh each unit actually is. Some units have flushable toilets, for instance, while others are ADA-compliant.

Know the Event’s Timetable

Be clear on how long you’ll need porta potty rentals, and when you’ll need them. For example, you may need a few portable toilets for a family reunion that occurs over a weekend. But if you’re hosting a weeklong music festival, you’ll need them for a longer stretch.

You may know this information several weeks or months in advance. On the other hand, perhaps you planned an event with short notice and will need portable toilets in a week. In either case, you’ll want to communicate your timetable to a prospective porta potty rental service. 

Choose a rental service that can provide the types of portable toilets you need for the entire experience. You don’t want to see any hesitation on their part. When you decide on a rental service, be sure that the dates you’ll need the porta potties are included in the reservation or contract.

Consider the Costs

Whether you’re pursuing porta potty rentals or a dumpster rental, the costs matter. Consider your budget before you make any reservations. Your budget may dictate whether a restroom trailer is doable for your big event, for instance.  

Comparison shopping is one of the best approaches to finding a rental service. Determine your expectations for quantity, duration, and costs. Then present that information to two or three different rental services to see what they quote you.

You may be able to leverage a quote from one service to negotiate for a better one elsewhere. Verify that toilet paper and hand sanitizer are included if you’re renting standard units. Ask about handwashing stations, too, if that might make more sense for your setup. 

And be aware of separate costs that can increase your overall price. As one example, you may need to pay extra to have tanks dumped and toilets sanitized during longer events. Or you may need to pay extra for restocking toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

You also could pay more if you have to relocate the toilets once they’ve been delivered. If the planned location gets too muddy after rainfall, you may need to move your toilets. Check to see if this service is part of your total price. 

Understand What You’ll Get

A good porta potty rental service will do more than simply drop off and pick up your rentals. When you’re meeting with a potential rental service, ask what extras are part of the service.

For example, for events that span multiple days, you’ll want your porta potties cleaned. Keep in mind, however, that this service is not always a given. Check with the rental service to see if and when they will clean the toilets. 

Additionally, it’s always wise to confirm that delivery and setup are included. Make sure that you can specify the exact location where you want the portable toilets delivered.

You should also make sure the rental service can confirm that your desired location is level enough for the potties. They may be able to look at the site’s layout or visit it to advise on where to place the porta potties. 

The last thing you want is to show up at your site and find portable toilets in the wrong location. You may need to pay extra to have the porta potties dropped off at a certain place.

Check the Service’s Reputation

Finally, don’t forget to look up every rental service you’re considering. They should have professional websites detailing their services and contact information. You may also be able to find descriptions of the different types of portable toilets available.

Make a point of searching for reviews using a search engine, as well. You’ll be able to find less biased reviews from customers. If you see consistent complaints or low-star ratings, take your business elsewhere.

Similarly, rental services without many reviews could be unproven. You might get a better deal from a new rental service. But they might not have the punctuality and professionalism to do the job well.

Look for services with lots of positive ratings. Consider asking a rental service for a referral from a past client, too. When a successful event is on the line, you don’t want to cut corners. 

Choose the Best Portable Toilet Rental Service

The best portable toilet rental service is one that has the units you want and the prices you need. Scope out the inventory and be clear about your expectations. Know what additional services you’ll get for your investment, and stay within your budget. 

Don’t delay making a reservation. When you need portable toilets for your next event, contact Arkansas Portable Toilets!