Are you gearing up to host an event? As part of your planning, make sure you don’t overlook the essential tasks — like securing bathroom spaces for your guests. After all, you might not be able to count on a venue having enough bathrooms available to accommodate your guests. What types of events can benefit from a restroom trailer rental? Read on to find out!

Outdoor Weddings

Did you know that the average wedding size is 131 people? If you’re hosting guests for an outdoor summer wedding, then you’ll want to provide plenty of bathroom stalls. The last thing you want is for people to miss the ceremony because they’re searching for stalls that don’t exist!

Getting married at a local park or state park means you might not have access to a lot of permanent bathroom spaces. Sometimes the existing bathrooms are closed during events. Or the park might offer limited space that is more rustic than you’d prefer for a fancier event.

When renting restrooms, you’ll want to have at least one portable toilet per 50 people. Plan on adding more for special events like weddings, too, where you might have out-of-town guests. You want to do your best to be hospitable to guests who’ve traveled a long way!

With restroom trailers, you can give guests access to multiple stalls within one unit. This is a convenient option that simulates the look and feel of a traditional restroom.

Even better, look into renting a few luxury toilets. These climate-controlled spaces., which can be decorated, are ideal for touching up makeup or simply getting out of the heat for a little while. Guests will enjoy having access to a mirror and counter space to make sure they’re looking their best!

Music Festivals

Nothing brings people together in the summer like outdoor music festivals. But when the sun is beating down on a hot summer day, your guests will be hydrating constantly. As a result, they’ll need plenty of places to access toilets during the big event.

Music festivals can attract hundreds if not thousands of guests. And stages and food vendors can take up a large footprint. That’s where a restroom trailer rental can provide an efficient solution.

Several guests will be able to access the trailer at one time. Guests will appreciate the more discrete spaces, as well as the opportunity to escape from the noise for a little while.

For music festivals that stretch over multiple days, you may want to ask a restroom rental company about deluxe options with showers. Guests will be able to stay sanitized and comfortable throughout the event!

Tailgate Parties

When it’s football season, it’s time to rally around the team with friends and enjoy the fall weather. For tailgate events that draw large crowds, portable toilets are essential.

With the food and drinks flowing, guests will need toilets. If you’re hosting a tailgate outside of a stadium, don’t assume that you’ll be allowed inside to use the facilities there. And don’t assume that all tailgaters plan on heading into the stadium to watch the game.

Do your best to calculate how many tailgaters are coming to your next party, and secure enough portable toilets. You’ll also want to give guests access to handwashing stations since they’ll be eating and celebrating a lot. By providing enough toilets, you’ll help ensure that the location of your event looks cleaner when everything wraps up.

Corporate Events

Hosting a summer picnic for employees is an annual ritual at many companies. If you’re responsible for coordinating the event, don’t overlook the importance of offering enough bathroom stalls. Employees will be more likely to let down their guard if they can feel comfortable at the event.

Keep the portable toilets in an obvious location so guests won’t have to walk too far. If possible, get a guest list that includes family members who may attend. This will help you determine how many toilets you should plan on renting.

Aside from the usual portable toilets, consider opting for a few luxury trailer rentals, as well. Offering climate-controlled spaces with running water and flushing toilets will elevate the experience.

These also can be handy spaces for parents who may have children with them and need more space. Include some company swag freebies as part of the decor in the trailer to help create a welcoming vibe.

Fundraiser Races

Hosting a run or walk to raise money for an organization always is a reliable way to get strong participation. When you’re planning an activity that requires some physical exertion, you’ll need to provide plenty of water. And as a result, you’ll need to provide portable toilets.

Cluster some portable toilets at the start and finish lines. That way, those cheering on participants will have a place to go. If there’s a water or snack station, consider placing the toilets close by.

But don’t forget the race participants. Be aware that participants may need to stop and relieve themselves midway through the event. Especially for longer races, plan on staggering some toilets at different points along the route.

Secure a Restroom Trailer Rental

Add a restroom trailer rental to your to-do list when you’re planning your next event. Outdoor weddings, music festivals, and fundraisers are all occasions where portable toilets are essential. Additionally, you’ll want to provide them at corporate picnics and tailgate parties to keep your guests happy.

When you’re ready to reserve portable toilets for your big event, contact us so we can help!