From weddings and family reunions to music festivals, hosting an outdoor event comes with tons of responsibilities. According to data from Portable Sanitation Association International, portable restrooms save about 45 billion gallons of clean water annually.

If you’re planning an outdoor event, it doesn’t have to be unpleasant or uncomfortable.

Read on for a list of seven of the top reasons why opting for a portable restroom trailer rental is a smart move for you and your guests.

1. Comfort

Attending an outdoor event is fun, but it also lacks some of the more common creature comforts, such as an indoor restroom. The benefits of portable restroom trailer rental comfortability are many.

With a restroom trailer, guests will enjoy running water and toilets that actually flush. That’s a much more appealing, pleasant, and comfortable arrangement than a standard porta-potty.

Choose a trailer with sinks or handwashing stations to promote cleanliness and sanitation. Many models are even climate-controlled, which means that your guests will enjoy using the restroom in a much more comfortable environment.

2. A Portable Restroom Trailer Rental Promotes Professionalism

Even if you’re simply hosting an outdoor wedding or family gathering, a portable restroom trailer rental makes the entire setup look and feel professional. These trailers offer something that many guests might not expect: a clean, private space to use the restroom.

Having these facilities right on the premises gives your guests peace of mind. Not only that, but these trailers give people a private space where they can freshen up without having to leave the event and come back later.

If you really want to add to the “wow” factor, put some personal touches on your portable restroom trailer. Whether it’s floral arrangements, artwork, or personal photos, these little touches make the entire experience even more upscale.

3. Excellent Accessibility

Having the right portable restroom trailer rental accessibility is extremely important to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests. Rent a handicap-accessible unit that has a larger stall with wider doors to easily accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.

These restrooms also have handrails to provide guests with additional support, and they also feature ramps to ensure safe and easy access. Whether you have elderly family members who need assistance or you’re hosting an outdoor event with possible handicapped people in attendance, this feature is extremely important.

Renting an accessible restroom trailer helps everyone feel welcome and included. It also allows your guests to focus on the event and having fun rather than worrying about where they’ll use the bathroom.

4. Customizable Options

Portable restroom trailer rental costs tend to vary based on the options you choose. A professional portable restroom trailer rental company will offer you an assortment of add-ons that will make the experience special.

Aside from choosing a variety of sizes, you may also be able to include extras like mirrors and hand sanitizer stations. There are also more upscale, high-end options that will complement the theme of your event, such as a wedding or other formal gathering.

Consider renting a higher-end trailer for the bridal party to use so they have a separate space to get ready for the ceremony. Some models include special spaces for parents where they can take their children to change diapers or accompany them to the bathroom. 

Sizes can range from two to up to 10 stalls and everything in between. This means you have complete control over how many people each of the trailers can handle at one time.

5. A Clean Environment

Portable restroom trailer rental cleanliness is a major concern for a lot of event hosts. However, these units have plenty of features that will keep your guests happy.

Not only do they come with sinks that have hot running water, but some options also include a hands-free foot pedal flushing mechanism. Hand sanitizer is also available as well as fresh paper towels so people can dry their hands easily.

Chrome faucets on some restroom trailers also add a nice, sleek finishing touch. Look for options that include a wastebasket so guests can dispose of items in an easy, sanitary way.

6. Better Privacy

Going in and out of a standard porta-potty doesn’t exactly feel very private or discreet. Thankfully, a quality portable restroom trailer rental offers a much higher level of privacy for guests.

Any unit with more than one stall is separated, so that each person has their own private space. Some models also include a lighted “occupied” sign on the door so that other people know someone is using the stall, preventing those terrible embarrassing moments from happening in the first place.

Fan ventilation also helps to keep these restrooms fresher and odor-free. When you combine all of these features together, it equals a much more private experience for every single person attending the outdoor event.

7. Excellent Flexibility

Along with the ability to customize, getting a portable restroom trailer rental also gives you total flexibility over the event. For example, you can move these trailers to any location you choose throughout the venue.

If you rent more than one portable restroom trailer, you can place them strategically in different areas. This ensures that your guests have access to the restroom easily, no matter where they are. Put one near the front of the venue and another near the back so that there’s one in common areas where people tend to gather.

Events with lots of guests can benefit from multi-stall restrooms with as many as 10 stalls per trailer. Not only does this make life easier for guests, but it also reduces wait times significantly. The result is a successful event with very happy guests.

Rent Your Portable Restroom Today

From cleanliness and convenience to excellent accessibility, it’s easy to see why a portable restroom trailer rental is a smart move for your next outdoor event. Consider these perks when you’re looking for a great way to provide guests with an excellent experience.

If you’re ready to rent a completely customizable restroom trailer for your next big or small outdoor event, contact the team at Arkansas Portable Toilets today for a custom quote!