When people in Arkansas want something fun to do, they have a choice of over 2,000 events. Many of those are held outdoors. If you’re hosting one of the many outdoor events, the comfort of your guests is a top priority.

One often overlooked aspect of planning an event is restroom facilities. 

You may not realize the range of portable bathrooms for rent. You have options! 

This guide will walk you through those options. From standard porta potty units to luxury restroom trailers, you can explore the features and suitability of each type. Read on, because, by the end, you’ll have everything you need to rent the ideal portable bathroom for your event.

Renting a Porta Potty 

Portable toilets, the unsung heroes of event sanitation, provide essential comfort for attendees. The porta potty is compact and designed with practicality in mind. Equipped with toilets, urinals, and toilet paper dispensers, they cater to the fundamental needs of users.

These portable toilets prove to be a lifesaver for people attending large events. They’re popular at gatherings such as festivals, fairs, and sports events. 

The utilitarian design of a porta potty ensures quick and efficient access. The wait time for a porta potty is usually just a few minutes. These units cater to the needs of attendees without causing disruptions, whether they are at a concert, sports game, or outdoor market.

One of the most significant advantages of renting a porta potty is affordability. Ideal for events with tight budgets, they provide an economical solution without compromising on hygiene. 

The straightforward design makes placement a breeze. The organizers can place these units in different areas of the venue for easy access.

Restroom Trailer Rentals Are an Elegant Sanitation Solution 

Are you planning certain types of outdoor events? If so, you may need more than what a porta potty can offer attendees. It’s these events where restroom trailer rentals step into the spotlight. 

Portable restroom trailers provide bathroom facilities in outdoor or temporary settings. They usually include multiple private stalls with toilets and sinks.

Restroom trailers look like a small mobile building. You’ll find them at outdoor locations where permanent restroom structures are unavailable or impractical. Examples of places where a portable restroom trailer makes the most sense include:

Corporate Events

Corporate events and conference planners often rent restroom trailers. They work well when the event hosts want to provide attendees with high-quality restroom facilities. 

Music Festivals and Concerts

Events like music festivals and concerts spanning multiple days benefit from portable restroom trailers. They offer attendees clean restrooms that go a few steps beyond the standard porta potty.

Film and TV Productions

On-location film and TV shoots often require restroom facilities for the cast and crew. Restroom trailers can provide suitable options.

Sporting Events

Event planners use restroom trailers for marathons, sports tournaments, and other sporting events. These trailers cater to the hygiene needs of athletes and attendees.

Camping and Outdoor Recreation

Visitors to outdoor recreation spots spend extended periods outside. For outdoor group adventures, restroom trailers keep the environment sanitary. 

Luxury Restroom Trailers Elevate Any Event

If you’re looking for a more upscale version of a restroom trailer, consider renting a luxury restroom trailer. As their name implies, these restroom trailers resemble upscale indoor restrooms. They’re designed to create a more pleasant and comfortable restroom experience.

It’s all about the amenities, which can include features like: 

  • Flushing toilets 
  • Sinks with running water 
  • Mirrors and vanities
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Premium toiletries

Of course, one of your guests’ favorite things about this type of restroom solution is privacy. Many of these units offer enclosed stalls.

The goal of a luxury restroom trailer is to provide users with a restroom experience that resembles indoor facilities. If you’re hosting a fancy event, outdoor wedding, or corporate gathering where attendee comfort is key, these trailers are the way to go.

Portable Shower Trailers Offer Refreshment and Convenience 

For events stretching over multiple days, portable shower trailers are the ultimate solution. Participants and attendees in remote locations can make use of specialized units offering showers and changing areas.

These units have private shower stalls equipped with shower heads, hot and cold water, and sometimes heating and air conditioning options. 

They often come with changing areas and mirrors, and sometimes benches for added convenience.

Music festivals, camping trips, and sports tournaments require additional facilities. Portable shower trailers help participants maintain personal hygiene at the event. Changing areas allow individuals to freshen up without worrying about privacy.

When renting a shower trailer, keep in mind the number of people, event length, and hookups. Proper planning is essential to ensure an uninterrupted experience for everyone. 

Which Portable Bathroom Is Perfect for You?

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed after seeing how many different types of portable bathrooms you can choose from, relax. Here are some questions to consider: 

What Type of Event Are You Planning?

Guests at an outdoor black-tie affair will expect different kinds of amenities than people attending a music festival.

Are Image and Perception Critical?

The type of portable bathroom you choose can impact your image. Luxury restroom trailers can create a more positive impression for certain occasions.

How Long Will Your Event Last?

Events spanning multiple days will likely require restroom facilities that cater to longer stays. If your event lasts a single day, the choice might be more flexible.

How Much Space Is Available?

Porta potty units have a relatively small footprint. Restroom trailers might need more space.

How Many Attendees Are You Expecting?

Large events may require more units for quicker access and shorter lines. Don’t forget to plan for attendees with accessibility needs. 

Ultimately, the best choice will align with your event’s unique requirements and attendee needs. If you’re uncertain, consult a reputable portable restroom rental company. 

Portable Bathrooms for Rent From Arkansas Portable Toilets

People attending outdoor events expect clean, comfortable restrooms. When you’re in charge of planning, it’s on you to make it happen.

That’s why you want the largest portable restroom company in the state of Arkansas in your back pocket: Arkansas Portable Toilets. With our massive inventory of portable bathrooms for rent, there’s no event we can’t handle.

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