Whenever going to an event, people always ask one question: where is the restroom? They know they’ll find one, even if they have to shoulder through a crowd to claim one. This is because industry experts have a formula for how many toilets you need per person.

Sometimes, though, you need something above and beyond your standard Porta John rentals. Guests at an upscale gathering may double-take if that’s their only choice. For this reason, an alternative might fit better: a luxury bathroom trailer.

When is it acceptable to stick with a regular portable toilet rental, versus a luxury restroom trailer rental? Join us as we discuss what factors decide which option is ideal for your shindig.

Choose According to the Event’s Class

Picture a school Halloween celebration or a yearly communal arts festival. The ambiance is relaxed. People come and go for free, in plain clothes, with no schedule to adhere to.

These events are certainly fun and memorable, but they’re casual. Expectations are lower. No one anticipates you to throw out the red carpet for their arrival:

Go With a Luxury Bathroom Trailer for High-End Events

Now, imagine you are at an upscale wedding or corporate function. People are wearing tuxedos, the tablecloths look silken, and there’s classical music playing in the background. Subconsciously, your mind has taken on new expectations.

Event planners create the atmosphere, decor, and layout of ritzy events with care. There’s a consistency, one you don’t consciously recognize. Anything that breaks the pattern sticks out like a sore thumb: such as a porta potty.

Plain and simple, go for the portable toilet trailer at classy get-togethers. Events such as the following:

  • Function dinners
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Wedding receptions
  • Graduation afterparties
  • Prom

You can always ask yourself one simple question: does it look tacky? If porta potty rentals would cheapen or undermine an event’s quality, you have your answer. Choose luxury trailers for the events that deserve them.

Consider Your Guests

For the average working-class man, a toilet is a toilet. Sure, a restroom with gorgeous granite countertops and motion-activated, nickel-brushed spouts is nice. Without that glitzy option, though, they’ll be just fine.

The same applies to an event-goer at a concert or a festival–where sanitation is often questionable. All they need is a place to answer nature’s call. For all they care, a rotting wooden outhouse would do the trick:

Catering to Valued Guests

An executive or up-and-coming c-suite type has different expectations. Porta John rentals, in the right light, could well be an affront. Call it snobbery, but a wealthy shareholder feels deserving of a higher caliber of life.

Simply put: choose your rental based on attendees. Folks such as the following likely want a trailer rental: 

  • Distinguished/wealthy guests
  • VIPs
  • Businessmen
  • Politicians
  • Leaders

Decide regarding Event Size

Big events–with over a hundred events–change the dynamic. These tend to be outdoors, with a large open space for whatever gathering is happening. If you’ve been to one, you know the toilet situation. 

There’s typically a row of portable toilets for everyone. There’s no delineation between men and women. It can be an orderly affair where folks wait in line or a free-for-all.

The bigger the event gets, the harder it is to manage. For this reason, event planners typically stick to quantity instead of quality.

A big crowd needs a place to handle its business in a rapid-fire, efficient fashion. Comfort and convenience comes secondary.

Events like the following apply:

  • Music festivals/concerts
  • Air shows
  • Political rallies
  • Carnivals
  • Community festivities

Exclusivity Is Key

Small, exclusive events are entirely different. With fewer people to manage, quality is usually an expectation. Events that we’ve mentioned earlier: weddings, soirées, fancy dinners.

A simple rule of thumb is this: are the guests in attendance invited individually? Is there a strict dress code?

If so, you likely benefit more from a portable toilet rental. A luxury bathroom trailer is usually the best choice when arrivals have to RSVP. 

Everyday Events vs. Memorable Events

In theory, most expect an event to be memorable. We want to look back fondly on time spent in the company of good people. There’s no formula for making events one for the ages, but there are some good starting points. 

Event planners understand that it’s all in the details. There’s no need for perfection, necessarily, but one ought to pay close attention to the things that matter most. Luxury or not, tiny factors determine one’s enjoyment of a gathering.

That said, the little things can sometimes make or break a friendly get-together. Imagine, for example, the food shows up late. Maybe it’s cold, it’s the wrong order, or it never arrives.

These small inconveniences can ruin the night for everyone. It stands to reason that other inconveniences could have a similar impact:

Make Memories With the Little Details

Using that logic, a porta potty could also spoil someone’s enjoyment. After all, no one likes dropping their drawers in a dark, shaky box that smells bad. Especially if they get hit with stomach troubles.

Arguably, it’s going to depend entirely on who you’re dealing with. For most family gatherings or those with close friends, they’ll forgive you for subjecting them to a rickety old John.

However, it never hurts to treat your invitees to some luxury. They’ll see the extra effort you went through.

Who knows, it may be just a tiny little push to create a favorable impression. That may be all it takes for an event to stick as a cherished memory.

Rent With Arkansas Portable Toilets

When it comes to event bathroom facilities, you have two options: a luxury bathroom trailer, or a portable toilet rental. Which one you choose depends on who is in attendance, the class of the event, and its size. It may seem like a small detail, but often those are the ones that matter the most. 

Arkansas Portable Toilets does it all: rentals for portable toilets, dumpsters, and more. We provide the best luxury trailers for upscale functions, too. Get a quote here and we’ll help you choose the right one for your gathering.