Research from 2020 showed that 54% of Americans participated in outdoor events at least once. This means that 7.1 million more Americans went to outdoor events than in 2019.

If you are hosting an event, you may need to consider renting portable toilets. This is an important aspect of event planning that is easy to overlook.

You may become caught up in the excitement of all of the activities at the event. But making sure everyone can use the restroom if necessary is also very important.

Keep reading to find out why you should consider renting portable toilets.


Every outdoor event is going to need some way for everyone to use the bathroom. This is a basic necessity that people expect to have.

The bad thing is that not every venue is going to have bathrooms. Even if the venue does have bathrooms, they may not be conveniently located.

The bathroom may be far away from where the event is being hosted. This would require attendees to walk a distance and miss out on the fun.

Some bathrooms can even be hard to find, causing a lot of confusion. Having a portable toilet in a convenient location is a much better option.

Everyone will have access to it and will not have trouble locating it. This can help attendees to feel at ease and be able to enjoy themselves.

Family Friendly

If the event you are hosting includes children, you need to make it family-friendly. Renting toilets is the best way to ensure everyone has access to this necessity.

Many parents would admit to feeling anxiety around taking their children to outdoor activities. They may be worried about finding a bathroom or being able to get to it in time.

Portable toilets ensure families have access to bathrooms at all times. They also have access to washing facilities for dirty children who may need a quick scrub down.

This is one of the most important aspects of event planning if it includes families.

Fewer Lines

Most outdoor events result in long lines of people trying to get to the bathroom. Some facilities have accessible toilets, but they may be limited in quantity.

This can cause an issue if it is a relatively large event. Dozens of people may need to use the restroom at the same time and find themselves stuck in line.

Renting enough toilets is the best solution to this. More people will be able to use the toilet at the same time, creating much shorter lines.

This allows everybody to enjoy themselves without wasting time waiting to get to a bathroom. It is also good for those who may not be able to wait if they have to go urgently.


Renting portable toilets is considered to be a more accessible option. Those with limited mobility or disabilities may struggle to get to a restroom.

The restroom may be far away from the event, or it may be very small. Portable toilets can be situated in a convenient location, and different sizes are available.

This makes them ideal for those who may struggle to go long distances or get into a small bathroom.

Cost Effective

The majority of outdoor events are not going to be permanent. These are events that you may throw for a special occasion or something you do yearly.

This could be a business retreat, a family get-together, or a school outing. None of these events require you to erect a portable toilet.

This would be very expensive and would end up not being worth the money. That is why it is much more cost-effective to simply rent a toilet for the event.

The company will drop the toilet off at the designated location and pick it up again. You can rent it for a short or a long amount of time, depending on the kind of event.

More Venue Options

When you are planning an event, you may struggle to find the right venue. Unfortunately, a large number of outdoor venues do not have bathroom facilities.

If the venue does have bathroom facilities, they may not be conveniently located. This can result in you having to pass up venues that would otherwise have been perfect.

The option of renting portable toilets helps you to have more venue options. You don’t have to worry about having accessible bathrooms since you are renting your own.

You can have as large of an event as you want wherever you want.

Easy Clean Up

Cleaning up after the event will be much easier with rentable toilets. You don’t have to clean up since the company will do that for you when it picks up the toilets.

Portable toilets already don’t make much of a mess, to begin with. They are up to date with health and safety regulations to keep your attendees safe.

This will give you peace of mind in knowing that everyone has access to safe hygienic restrooms.

Renting Portable Toilets: Why it’s Important

If you are organizing an outdoor event, you may be worried about toilets. The majority of outdoor venues don’t have accessible toilets or any at all.

This problem can be solved by renting portable toilets. These will be delivered to your venue and picked up after your event has concluded.

They are safe and hygienic and you can rent as many as you need.

Are you interested in renting toilets? Contact us today at Arkansas Portable Toilets to get a quote.